Friday, January 23, 2009

Well, I was doing well with the daily posting for a WHILE there....

Let's see.... what have i been up to?

The baby has stopped gaining weight, now he's losing weight. Scary. Supplementing as much as possible, and i have an appointment with a Lactation Consultant on Thursday. His pediatrician doesn't seem too concerned though. He's still in normal range for his age, too.

I finished the 4th anniversary Tree of Life sculpture. She really liked it, which is always so nice to hear... I love how there are so many subtlely hidden allusions in there! Without getting into any presonal details, it seems like a perfect symbol for their relationship.

And, I made a couple of Chunky necklaces which is something I haven't made before. I have a lot of really nice beads that I have purchased over the years and many of them don't really fit into what I am doing these days, artwise, but some of them came together in this necklace:
This 17 1/2 inch necklace has big luscious beads on it in Blues, Greens , and Purples , and the Pendant is a Dichroic glass piece about 2 1/4 inches long that reminds me of a peacock feather. The other beads include glass beads, glass Lampwork beads, rectangular green Aventurine stone beads, round barrel shaped deep green Chrysocolla gemstone beads, and purple Fluorite and Green Fluorite crystal / stone beads.

And, while acquiring some Blue Topaz, I ran across some Peruvian Blue Opal that the same seller had, and it looked so beautiful, I just had to buy some, for no specific reason. I found just the right stones to go with it:

I really love this necklace. It was a pleasure to work with these lovely stones. It consists of spherical Turquoise beads from Tibet, about 3/8 inch in diameter (slightly smaller than a marble ) , lightly faceted Rondelle Peruvian Blue Opal beads, also about 3/8 inch in diameter but not spherical, more of a disk shape, and in the center, an Amazonite that is about 3/4 inch long and is rectangular overall but has some light faceting . Fastens with a clasp. The necklace is about 19 inches long and is very elegant and ethereal, and striking at the same time.

I decided to start putting it out there that I am willing to make custom Mother and Grandmother Tree of Life and/or Heart pendants for Valentine's Day and Mother's Day, and I have had one sale. I really love how the piece came out - so vibrant and colorful! The familial relationships are hinted at because the necklace is for a grandmother, and the branches with birthstones for the grandchildren are coming off of the branch of their respective parents. The piece contains Jasper, Yellow Opal, Turquoise, Garnet, more Jasper, and Blue Topaz. This piece went to Spain, and I haven't had an International jewelry sale before that i can recall, so that was exciting!

I finished the Custom Elk teeth commissioned earrings, with hammered oval frames, Wire wrapped elk teeth, 2 types of faceted Amethysts hanging from chain. I met up with the person who ordered them, and he was so happy, he paid me more than my price, so that was nice of him. He said he wants me to make a necklace for him in the future.. Another satisfied customer...

And, another commissioned pair of earrings, a lady contacted me a while back wanting a pair of earrings with Gold Danburite and Seraphinite. I told her no problem. Then i started looking into the prices for these stones. Wow! I had to charge her $75 and i actually lost money, but i have some materials left, so it was worth it (i suppose). These are highly valued Angelic stones, used in connection to a higher power for those who use crystals and stones in meditation.

I also made a Tree of Life pendant for which I have the highest price tag of anything I have made so far. Still, I hope it sells because it is so beautiful that its a shame its just sitting on one of my boards. I have to charge what I am because it took me a week to make it, a whole bunch of Sterling Silver, and some very nice stones went into it. Maybe it will take a while for it to find a home with the price tag of $200 but then again, people pay thousands all the time for pieces that are a lot less original than this...

One of a kind piece - there will never be another like it because these stones were sculpted over time by Mother Nature and are from all over the world, and now I bring them together in this original design

All wire in this piece is Sterling Silver. It is woven to create the frame. At t
he top, a Tree is created out of Sterling Silver and Czech glass leaf beads. The rest of the piece seems to be the roots of this tree. This reminds us that often what lies beneath the surface is as important as what meets the eye and is a hidden source of strength.
Nestled in these roots, in various shades of green, are Collector's Quality naturally formed Crystals, gemstones, and Minerals including:

-- a 38 Carat Green Kunzite aka Hiddenite
This stone is valued by healers that study the metaphysical properties of stones for its ability to promote feelings of unconditional love for self and others, to aid in releasing feelings of inferiority, and facilitating dealing with the past in order to move forward.

-- an 11 Carat Moldavite
A stone treasure
d by Royalty, this stone is purported to have the ability to participate in bringing dramatic change to one's life and to open up access to other realms of existence

-- a 9 Carat Green Kyanite
Kyanite aids in aligning the Chakras of an individual as well as helping energy to flow properly between other stones.

--a 4.5 Carat Green Apatite
When placed near the throat, facilitates feelings of peace and harmony. Also helps people relinquish influences in their life that are causing them harm.

-- 1 Carat Peridot
Traditional birthstone of August, stone of new beginnings and growt

-- 1 Carat Amazonite
Considered a sacred stone in Egypt. Associated with luck , self confidence, understanding of others, and
reception of inspiration

-- 4.5 Carat raw Emerald
Traditional Birthstone for May, associated with Venus the Goddess of Love

-- 12 Carat Malachite
Removes blockages between ourself and a higher level of existence. Counteracts the tendency for self destructive behaviors in love, encouraging pure love instead. Cleansing of negative energies.

-- 2.5 Carat Green Tourmaline aka Indicolite
Green Tourmaline aids in Concentration and Stimultion of Creativity

I include this metaphysical information for the benefit of those who are interested ; Obviously this information is not necessary for an artistic appreciation of the piece :)

Overall, this piece is approximately 4 inches long. So it is subs
tantial although not enormous! I will include a Sterling Silver plated 18 inch Figaro Chain or other chain if you wish, or a black leather cord with clasp if you prefer.

A lot of work went into this piece, and I hope it goes to a good home!

And, since February is coming up, I made an Amethyst tree of life.

Made a simple
pearl necklace...

And I made a wire wrap that includes two of my favorite magical looking stones in one piece: Moonstone and Labradorite. Because of the shimmering unusual nature of these stones and my horrible photography skills, i never really did get a good picture but there are a couple at the link:
This necklace consists of a 20 carat luminous Labradorite with beautiful markings and brillliant blue flashing fire, and a 16 carat genuine Rainbow Moonstone glowing a lovely purple

They are elaborately and durably wrapped in all Sterling Silver
shown here on a Sterling Silver plated Figaro chain or we could work out some other chain or cord

I'm sure i've done a thing or two that i'm not recollecting right now..

Oh well.

Ordered a bunch of Silver and Gold wire from a couple of different sources, some new beads including Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Tanzanite, and more. Every time I make a dime, I spend it on new supplies! But i love doing this, so...

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  1. Absolutely amazing necklace, I'm really happy about the way you worked with me! Thank you so much!