Friday, January 9, 2009

Making Progress - and - i HAVE to get organized!

This morning I went to work. When I was done, I met up with a lady who wanted a shark tooth necklace for her son. This was an interesting transaction because it was a birthday present for her son, and he was going to be with her when she picked it up. We arranged it over the phone, and I thought it would work out if i secured the necklace inside a little mail order catalog from a department store, and met at a predetermined time and place. She handed me the $20 bill in a handshake, and I handed her the catalog with the necklace in it, showing the piece to her, first. Fun.

While I was working, I checked email from my phone and learned that someone on Etsy ALchemy had accepted my bid to make a gem tree sculpture for her husband's birthday. She was looking for something with "fruit and flowers" - the traditional gift for a 4th anniversary. There were other elements she wanted included too, and other little symbols and allusions contained in the piece... some of which i can't give away without revealing their personal details.... But i will be making a tree with their birthstones, and their kids, other Green gemstone and glass beads, a polymer clay apple and apple blossoms, and I will be making a 4 in the trunk, semi hidden, as well as other numerological allusions. She and I have been carrying on some pretty good discussion and I hope she is very satisfied with the results.

I also made the base for her tree, as well as the other tree I am making. I started the rest of the sculpting for that first tree, too. And I found most of the stones I will need for it. I also began working on the Grandmother necklace. And, the girl with the shark tooth necklace finally wrote back expressing her preferences, so now i can start on that.

And, I spent about 2 hours looking for some nice Amethyst briolette tear drop shaped beads that I need for several projects, and of course they were in a box that i searched 9 times. In the meantime i had ordered some back up replacements. I guess I will be able to do work with them. But I really need to organize my craft stuff. At one point, I had it somewhat sorted out in storage containers and drawers but it is now all scrambled together and can be so difficult to find things sometimes. Not really sure when i'll get around to it though!

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