Friday, January 2, 2009

I don't WANT to have a blog...

I really don't want to do this. However, in trying to market my jewelry and artwork, purusing tips from those who have been successful making a living online, I have come to the conclusion that I might as well give it a shot. Since I've never done this before, or even read other people's blogs, I don't even know what exactly this all is going to entail. After confirming my account I just dived into typing this, without even looking around to see how this site is set up, or what my options are, or setting up a profile, or anything. So I'm in the dark here.

Some of my preconceived notions about blogging for the purposes of promoting my jewelry is that I am supposed to write about what I have been up to, kiss the butts of people who have popular blogs so that they might give me some sort of shoutout, or people reading their blogs might deign to check mine out, perhaps making a purchase in the process. Perhaps it will on some level be "good for me" as a chronicle of my growth, development, and challenges, meet some people who have similar interests to network with, improve my writing skills, etc.. But I have so little spare time as it is, working cleaning houses to support myself, my husband, our newborn baby, our wolf, the 4 geckos and the tarantula... . . taking care of the kid is a full time job. .. . trying to place ads on Craigslist, sell my stuff on ebay, and whatever other sites i can find.... haunting the Alchemy section on Etsy making ridiculously low bids to make custom items for people and getting shot down 99% of the time anyway... cooking.. .trying to keep this house clean.... that I have hardly any time to actually MAKE jewelry. And then, who is going to read it anyway? People trying to steal my ideas, or what? Oh well, if it seems like a waste of time, I can always quit doing this whenever.


  1. To be totally honest, if you don't want to blog, don't! There are a lot of ways to promote yourself and a blog is only one of them. It can be time consuming and a drag if you don't enjoy it.

  2. Maybe you'll be looking at this at first as a chore... but maybe it'll become a way to let off steam and show off what you've been working on...

    Who knows, maybe you'll end up enjoying it!

    And screw popular blogs! Just do what you want in your blog!