Saturday, September 4, 2010

Neytiri Halloween or Cosplay Costume Jewelry and Accessories

Neytiri Avatar Choker, Feather Necklace, Armband, headpiece, and other jewelry and accessories for Halloween costumes, Cosplay, and more... handcrafted handmade ...
Avatar was a huge movie this year and as appealing as the characters and storyline were, understandably people are enjoying dressing up as the characters. I studied the jewelry from watching the movie and purusing some still shots, and I was able to come up with some very accurate replicas (in my opinion ;) )

The first piece I came up with was the choker she wears. I have attached both a picture of her wearing it, and the two versions I came up with. Finding the right materials was like a treasure hunt. Took hours of looking online, but some premium quality brown hemp, lampwork or Czech glass beads, and Mother of Pearl beads were finally located. I make the chokers very adjustable. links to the chokers: and

After i came up with these designs and posted pictures online, i was bombarded with requests by people asking if i could make other jewelry from the movie, but I didn't really plan to. However, a young woman who was going to attend a Cosplay convention asked about the feather necklace, and after I got a good look at it I realized I really wanted to make one! The techniques I used borrowed a lot from when I used to make Native American regalia pieces and other artwork. In fact, the Pheasant feathers I used were left over from those days. Pictured is the first one i made, and i have since made a few improvements to the design, having made another 2 since then.
feather necklace link:

The young lady who wanted the feather necklace asked if i could make any of Neytiri's other jewelry, and upon studying pictures, i noticed a beautiful armband she was wearing. Again, I realized I could make something similar using techniques similar to making a Native American choker. If you follow this link, you can see in one of the pictures a still photo of Neytiri wearing her armband. Finding the right materials for this piece was a pleasure - I actually lost money on making it because I had to buy several strands of gemstone beads, but the final effect was worth it!

Another young woman, having seen these other 3 pieces, wanted a feather necklace and a choker. Then she pointed out a headpiece Neytiri wears in the movie and asked if I'd be able to make that. By this time, I was thoroughly enjoying working with these sort of materials again, and I was thrilled to make the headpiece. I had to search for just the right leather....... and i found it! I was so thrilled. It was pricey but worth it. I made the bone piece from clay, and I worked on coming up with the right pattern for human proportions. I tooled and branded the leather to create similar markings and carefully cut and stitched it. It is a little pricey but it is a high quality replica. If someone needed a lesser priced headpiece for a Halloween costume i could probably come up with something with less expensive leather. But here are the results I came up with, and i'm really happy with them!link :